About Us

About Us

Sub-Zero Experts LA has many years of professional experience and have hence grown to be trusted by customers in Los Angeles. Now fully available in Los Angeles, our expertise and promptness continue to make us more popular and sought-after. If you are residing in LA and you happen to have issues with kitchen equipment, our repair experts now are within reach. All you have to do is contact us and your headache will be over before you realize it.

Our repair experts in LA will further provide you with tips on how to use, service and care for your appliances. We will always have your back to ensure that your products function at their optimal level. One way we do this is by giving customers care guides, installation manuals as well as design specifications for various types of models.

Our specialists will take your experience to another level. Besides the fact that they are all professional and largely experienced; they are also friendly, understanding and patient with customers. They are fast and efficient in their work while at the same time trying to cause as minimum disruption and disturbance as possible. Moreover, they will always work according to your schedule.

If you want any home appliance to serve you effectively and for the longest time, you also have to do your part by making sure it stays in the best shape and condition. Because Sub-Zero kitchen appliances have been ranked as among the best and finest, they also have to receive the same care and attention.







Came across Sub-Zero Experts while looking for a good company to help me with my sub-zero. They were able to assist me in a timely fashion. Great service and very nice employees, highly recommend!
Great guys!!! Very easy to work with. Had issues with my Sub-Zero. Mark opened a ticket and Mike changed a compressor 3 hours after. Highly suggest them to anyone who needs immediate help.