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The appliance repair vs. replace debate is one that every homeowner faces at least once every few years. It could be your Sub Zero refrigerator showing signs of failure after serving you for a couple of years. Or, perhaps, it’s the oven failing to heat up no matter how many times you try to turn it on. Or, it could be the dryer remaining still without spinning at all when you need to dry your second load.

Before you even diagnose the problem, your mind will already be thinking about your options. Do I schedule an appliance repair service? Do I buy a new unit? What about the costs? How much would Sub Zero repair cost? What about buying a replacement?

Below we discuss five key factors you need to consider to help you decide whether to call an appliance repair service or replace the broken unit.

  • Is the appliance under warranty?

If an appliance is still under warranty, then it makes every sense to call the manufacturer to schedule a service with an authorized technician. This is why consumers are usually advised to purchase products from a reputable brand that offers long warranties anyway.

Sub Zero refrigerators, for instance, come with warranties that last as much as 13 years. Over those 13 years, if the refrigerator stops working or becomes faulty, all you have to do is call the manufacturer. They’ll immediately schedule a Sub Zero repair service with a reputable appliance repair service provider to see if the problem can be fixed.

  • How old is it? 

Traditionally, manufacturers choose the warranty length in such a way that by the time the warranty period ends, the machine could be approaching its end of life. That doesn’t mean that you should now throw away your washer. If it’s still in good shape, appliance repair might be a great option. Just remember that appliance repair for a machine approaching its end of life can also be very costly in the long run.

To this end, it’s advisable to overlook appliance repair Beverly Hills and replace the unit if it’s older than; compactor – 6 years, dishwasher – 9 years, dryer – 13 years, electric range – 13 years, disposal – 12 years, exhaust fan – 11 years, freezer – 11 years, gas range – 15 years, microwave – 9 years, range hood – 14 years, refrigerator – 13 years, and washer – 10 years. Appliance Repair Beverly Hills

  • Appliance repair vs. replacement costs

It’s not unheard of for consumers to purchase a new appliance when the broken one is still in good shape and only needs minor fixes. Or it could be the other way round. Kathryn Harvey from New York, for instance, spent $239 to repair her old water pump when a new one would have cost just $150 more.

Since appliance repair Beverly Hills can sometimes cost thousands of dollars, the rule of thumb is to replace if the repair would cost at least 50% of the price of a new appliance. So, if dealing with a Sub Zero, for example, get quotes from three trusted Sub Zero repair service providers. Then, check online to see how much a new unit would cost. If the new appliance only costs twice the average replacement cost, buy a new unit.

  • Could a new unit reduce your energy bills?

Compared to modern products, older appliances tend to consume a lot of energy. A modern Energy Star-approved washer, for example, consumes 20% less energy compared to washers manufactured in the 90s. Over a year, this could represent significant savings. Also, energy-efficient appliances are good for the environment and come with several government rebates.

If you care for the environment and are keen on energy savings and the government rebates, instead of scheduling appliance repair service for your energy-sapping appliance, consider replacing it.

  • Is it time to upgrade?

Finally, you should also consider if the breakdown could be an opportunity to upgrade to a modern appliance. Buying a new cooker when the old one is still in top shape, for instance, isn’t a very popular idea among consumers. It doesn’t matter if the new cookers coming to the market have additional features that could make cooking easier. But, when the old cooker breaks down, it could finally give you an opportunity to consider those new features.

Or, perhaps you’ve long craved a uniform look in your kitchen but couldn’t throw away your old Sub Zero refrigerator. When the unit breaks down, instead of scheduling Sub Zero repair service, you can take that chance to finally bring in a new, stylish unit to upgrade the whole place.appliance Repair Hollywood Hills

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