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Are you in the market for a refrigerator or any other kitchen appliance? Sub-Zero makes the best products you can lay your hands on. What’s more, you’ll rarely need Sub Zero repair because the products are made from the toughest materials for low-maintenance use.

The following are some of the products you can currently find from the manufacturer;

  • Full-size refrigerators

For more than half a decade now, nothing has kept food fresher for longer than Sub-Zero full-size refrigerators. Even better, you get to choose from a range of styles and sizes. From the extremely popular integrated units that disappear into the décor to built-in refrigerators with the classic stainless steel look, the choice is all yours. You can even opt for the imposing PRO 48 to set the tone for your kitchen.

  • Under-counter refrigerators

Whether you’re looking for a means to keep grocery fresh in the kitchen, have ice close by the pool, or supply chilled drinks in the exercise room, Sub-Zero under-counter refrigerators are an ideal choice. Similar to full-size options, the under-counter units come in a range of choices, from integrated drawers to beverage centers and stainless door to panel ready options. Request a brochure today to learn more about specific product features.

  • Wine stores

Wines taste better when stored properly, and Sub-Zero wine stores are designed with this in mind. The units don’t just act as coolers, but as guardians against heat, vibration, humidity, and light – the four enemies that can compromise the character and quality of even the finest wines. You get to choose from three widths, from 18 to 30 inches. Bottle capacities range from 46 to 147.Sub Zero Repair in Los Angeles

  • Ranges 

Sub-Zero makes three types of ranges – dual fuel, gas powered, and induction ranges. Powered from below by an electric dual convection oven, dual fuel ranges gives you precise control of dual-stacked, sealed burners, providing you with an even flame for perfect cooking performance. Gas ranges are just as efficient, except that they are powered by a gas oven. Induction ranges are powered by an electric dual convection oven below oven.

  • Cooktops and range tops

Here, you get to choose from four options; gas, induction, electric, and range tops. The gas cooktops allow for precise control, making it possible to deliver a tiny flame for low simmers or high busts of flame for fast boils. Induction cooktops use magnetic technology to offer unique benefits such as instantaneous temperature control and locks for added safety. Electric cooktops also offer seamless temperature control and added safety. And, finally, Sub-Zero range tops come with options of a charbroiler, grill, griddle, and front-facing knobs.

  • Built-in Ovens

These ovens took the industry by storm when they were first released and have continued to wow the cooking world with their efficiency and performance. There is a range of options to choose from. The M Series models are quick and easy to preset. E Series options have ten cooking modes from convection to broil. Convection Stream options come with moisture sensing technology for perfect steams. And, the L-Series models are 36” in size for maximum capacity.Sub Zero and Wolf Stove Repair

  • Microwaves

True cooking instruments, Sub-Zero microwaves excel at most of the things a full-size oven is expected to do while integrating beautifully into any kitchen design. There are three main styles to choose from – drawer, drop-down, and side-swing door. Feel free to “test drive” any of these microwaves at your nearest Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom.

  • Module cook-tops

Module cooktops allow you to turn any countertop into a cooking area. Choices to pick from include transitional gas cooktops, transitional electric cooktops, transitional induction cooktops, transitional fryer modules, and transitional grill modules.

  • Range hoods and ventilation

These provide a beautiful final touch to the modern kitchen, their powerful blower controls and halogen lighting useful in keeping the cooking area bright, clean, and fresh. You can choose from wall hoods, wall chimney hoods, island hoods, downdrafts, and hood liners.

  • Warming drawers

Even when guests show up late, Sub-Zero warming drawers will ensure that they enjoy dinner as intended, deliciously fresh and warm. But not just that, these units can also be used to warm cups, dinnerware, and even towels. There are two options to choose from – the 30” warming drawer and the 30” outdoor warming drawer.

  • Coffee systems

Why run to the corner coffee shop when you can make professional quality coffee on your own? With a Sub-Zero coffee maker, you can make your cappuccinos, espressos, and more from home in the touch of a button.

  • Outdoor grills

Finally, Sub-Zero also makes the most efficient grills with a range of options to choose from including built-in burner module, outdoor gas-powered, and side-burner grills. Sizes range from 13-54 inches.

Contact Us For Sub Zero Repair in LA

One of the main advantages of Sub-Zero products is that they rarely break down. However, in case of a problem, don’t hesitate to contact Sub Zero Repair Experts Los Angeles. We provide reliable, on-time Sub Zero repair services in LA and surrounding areas.

Aside from Sub Zero repair, we also provide maintenance services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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