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We all want nice things and the opportunity to own a Sub-Zero is one most people would grab with both hands. But, should you go ahead and pay for the unit even if it’s second-hand? Should you buy a used Sub-Zero? Will you need to call Sub-Zero repair company after buying used unit ?

Below, we look at several considerations to help you make an informed decision, beginning with the pros and cons of buying used.

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Pros and cons of buying second-hand items

First off, it’s important to begin by considering why people buy used items in the first place. Why do people buy used cars and second-hand TVs? There are three main reasons;

  1. Used items are cheaper

    This is the most significant advantage of buying second-hand. Since the item is already used, you can expect the price to be much lower than if you bought a new one from the shop. For instance, a $10,000 Sub-Zero refrigerator, if sold as used, may cost less than $2,000. That’s a tremendous deal whichever way you look at it.

  2. Gives you a chance to acquire luxury

    – not everyone can afford to pay $10,000 for a brand new Sub-Zero. But, at $2,000, you may feel that you can afford the appliance. Just the thought of owning the item, whether new or used, is reason enough for most people to proceed and make the purchase.

  3. You could land an amazing bargain

    The truth is that most people only sell their items after many years of use. With cars, for instance, owners usually sell after more than a decade of use. As a buyer, you may get a lot of value from such an item. However, with home appliances, there is always a chance of landing a newish item. For instance, if you’re lucky, you can find a Sub-Zero that has been in use for maybe three or so years. Considering that most Sub-Zeros are designed to last for up 17 years, that can be a tremendous deal. Considering the quality of the brand, Sub-Zero repair services will not be performed as often as other brands require. Sub-Zero Repair Beverly Hills


Even with all the advantages, however, there are a few reasons why buying second-hand might not be the best of ideas;

  1. There is no warranty to protect your purchase

    When you buy a new appliance from a reputable store, you will most definitely get a warranty to protect the item should anything go wrong. If certain parts break, the store or manufacturer may step in to fix the issue. The same cannot be said about used appliance sellers and stores. If you buy used, any Sub-Zero repairs are squarely on you.

  2. You may have to arrange the delivery

    If you’re buying a new item from a major store, the store will arrange the delivery on your behalf. But when you buy from a used appliance store or an individual, you may need to figure out how to transport the item to your home.

Other important factors to consider

Aside from considering the pros and cons of buying used, the following are other factors you should think about before buying a used Sub-Zero refrigerator;

  • Do you have space for it?

Just as you would do with any new appliance, it’s essential to ensure that you have enough space for the item you’re buying. Measure the length, width, and depth of the area you intend to use for the appliance, ensuring that there is a one-inch clearance on each side and on top.

  • Are you buying from an original owner?

It is highly recommendable to only buy used appliances from original owners. Otherwise, you could end up with a lemon that needs frequent and costly Sub-Zero repair.

  • Is there anything wrong with the item?

People sell their items for various reasons. Maybe a homeowner is moving to a place that is equipped with a refrigerator. Maybe she’s remodeling. Or, maybe it’s just too old. If you don’t want to schedule Sub-Zero repair in Los Angeles every week, ensure that the unit doesn’t have serious problems. Sub-Zero Repair Beverly Hills

  • What level of maintenance is required?

Never buy a unit that needs frequent Sub-Zero repairs. To this end, before you pay for the item, inspect it for age, coldness, and smell. A fridge that has been in use for more than a decade is too old. The freezer and fridge temperatures should be 0° and 38° respectively. Then, also make sure that it doesn’t have strange smells and that the door seals are tight.

  • Consider units with reasonable resale value

Finally, see if the unit has resale value. A solid Sub-Zero, even if used for a few years, should have good resell value. Again, you can judge this using the age of the appliance and its current condition.

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If after considering all the above factors you’re satisfied with the used sub-zero, proceed and make the purchase. For Sub-Zero repairs Los Angeles, contact our Sub-Zero Repairs Los Angeles Experts.

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