Is Sub-Zero Refrigerator Worth the Price?

Sub-Zero Refrigerator worth the price

Sub-Zero is one of the most respected high-end refrigerator brands out there. The manufacturer has a reputation for building top-of-the line refrigerators that can dramatically improve your kitchen while guaranteeing many years on excellent performance. The problem, however, comes in pricing. With the cheapest Sub-Zero refrigerator units costing upwards of $5,000, you might be wondering if these appliances are really worth the money. Can you afford Sub-Zero Refrigerator repair ? Would it be wise to splash that kind of money on a refrigerator?  Can you afford Sub-Zero Refrigerator repair ?

Yes, If You Can Afford One

First off, let’s make it very clear that Sub-Zero refrigerators, like the Ferraris of this world, are not for everyone. They are luxury items. You only go for one if you have money to spare.

So, if you’re on a tight budget and just shopping for a refrigerator that will keep your drinks cold and help you freeze some foods, then it would be better to look elsewhere. A Sub-Zero unit won’t be worth the hustle.

But, if the price tag falls within your budget, if you can comfortably spend $7,000 or more on a refrigerator, then there aren’t many better options out there – a Sub-Zero unit would be worth every penny. Below are a couple of reasons why;Sub-Zero-Refrigerator Repairs Los Angeles

Quality At Its Best

As far as quality goes, there isn’t anything better out there. Sub-Zero refrigerators are the absolute best. There might be a few other refrigerator brands available today that come close quality-wise, but none beats Sub-Zero.

Built in the USA just outside Madison, Wisconsin, Sub-Zero use the best parts available and the units are built by hand from start to finish. The appliance’s compressor, in particular, is simply majestic. While Sub-Zero don’t manufacturer the compressors themselves (no refrigerator manufacture does), they buy some of the best compressors in the market. This is a big deal considering that the compressor is the heart of the refrigerator.


It Gets Better, Sub-Zeros Have Dual Compressors

In the refrigerator, three parts are involved in keeping your foods cold. The three are the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. Most built-in refrigerator manufacturers offer dual condensers and evaporators, but not dual compressors. Only Sub-Zero units come with two compressors.

This greatly increases the longevity of Sub-Zero refrigerators. Remember that compressors work all the time. As long as the refrigerator is on, the compressor will be running. It means that in units with only one compressor, the compressor is often times overworked, leading to frequent breakdowns.

Sub-Zero refrigerator compressors work only when required for each compartment, greatly improving the life of the refrigerators. Sub-Zero themselves have conducted a study and recently reported that their dual-compressor refrigerators last 17 years on average compared to the industry average of 10.5 years. Some easily last more than 20 years! This is one of the reason why you wont need Sub-Zero refrigerator repair that often.

Cost-Saving Food Preservation

Sub-Zero has also found that their refrigerators can help a family of four save $25 a week in food loss. This is thanks to the excellent temperature and humidity control they offer.

And, it isn’t an exaggeration. Strawberries can last more than 2 weeks in the Sub-Zero, cheese won’t get mold or crusty even after a whole month, and dairy products easily last past their expiration dates when stored in the refrigerator.

There are three main reasons foods last much longer in these refrigerators;

  • Excellent temperature management

In the Sub-Zero, a modern temperature management program checks refrigerator and freezer temperatures every second. Standard refrigerators don’t do this. Additionally, Sub-Zero units respond to even one degree temperature changes. This helps to keep food at the right temperature at all times, ensuring better preservation.

  • Dual humidity control for prolonged freshness

Every refrigerator has an evaporator that moistens or dries out compartments. In a single-evaporator refrigerator, the evaporator tries to hit around 30% humidity to keep foods hydrated. While close enough to what foods actually need to remain fresh, 30% humidity still falls short of what most foods require to remain fresh for a long period, and at the same time is too much for certain fruits. Fresh fruits and vegetables, for instance, need about 50% humidity for maximum longevity. Frozen foods on the other hand prefer 0% humidity. Sub-Zero delivers exactly this by keeping the freezer at 0% humidity and the refrigerator at 50%+ humidity.

  • Eliminate harmful gases that might shorten lifespan of food

Fruits such as apples, citrus, tomatoes, and blueberries produce ethylene, a gas that has been found to cause foods to overripe and go bad more rabidly. To prevent this from happening, Sub-Zero introduced a cartridge that removes ethylene. The cartridge which was first introduced in the BI Series generators removes any ethylene from air passing through it. Since all of the air in the refrigerator has to pass through this cartridge, early rotting is rarely an issue with the Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero refrigerator quality


Vigorous Testing, Long Warranties, and High Resale Value

According to the manufacturer, every component of the Sub-Zero is vigorously tested, up to even 24 hours before the unit is shipped. This significantly reduces the chances of breakage. Very rarely will you be worrying about Sub-Zero refrigerator repair, especially if you properly maintain the unit.

To give you even greater peace of mind, the manufacturer offers a two-year limited warranty on the entire appliance. Other manufacturers mostly offer a one-year limited warranty.

Finally, thanks to their quality build, reliability, and the long warranties, Sub-Zero refrigerators have very high resale values. Buyers correlate the brand with quality and are always willing to pay a premium for the units. Similarly, a Sub-Zero refrigerator in your kitchen can positively impact the selling price of the home.

So, Yes, Sub-Zeros are Worth the Price

These refrigerators are a great investment and an ideal way to upgrade your kitchen. What’s more, Sub-Zeros are very durable, often lasting 20+ years, with few (if any) issues. Budget allowing, don’t hesitate to purchase one.

Need Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair?

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