Why Is My Fridge Not Cooling? Sub-Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting.

Refrigerator NOT FREEZING AND NEEDS repair ?

Your refrigerator is an essential part of your home. Most people wouldn’t know how to live without one. When you reach into your fridge to grab a cold drink and discover an unexpected degree of warmth, your life can flash before your eyes. It isn’t the end of the world, however. Normally when a refrigerator fails to cool properly, it’s a simple fix. If you find it to be something more major, a quick call to Sub-Zero Experts LA will help.

Is Your Fridge Too Full?

Having too much food in your refrigerator is a good way to sabotage its efforts to keep things cool. It may be hard to understand but the contrary is also true. When your refrigerator is empty, there isn’t enough food inside to keep the colder temperatures constant. If you live alone or haven’t stocked up on food in awhile, store your bread and other foods in the fridge to help take up the extra space.

Make Sure The Doors Shut Properly

Sub Zero refrigerator Troubleshooting close door

One of the quickest ways to drop the temperature in your fridge is to have a door that doesn’t, or can’t, shut properly. Placing large dishes on a shelf and not checking to make sure the door can shut securely is often the culprit. Another reason for a door to not shut properly is if it has been bent or damaged. Children swinging on the door or jerking the door open can cause it to go out of alignment. If checking the shelves and tightening the bolts that hold the door on don’t seem to correct the problem, you may want to call the professionals at Sub-Zero Experts LA to take a look at it.

Check Your Settings

Constantly putting food, dishes, and beverages in the refrigerator and then rearranging them when you are trying to find something can bump or shift your temperature control mechanism. In refrigerators that use a dial set up to control the temperature of the unit, it can be easily bumped. If it goes unnoticed, the temperature in your fridge can rise or drop depending on which way the dial was turned. While digital controls are harder to mess with, it can happen. If you notice a temperature change, always check your settings first. If they are located towards the back or near the front where they will be easily bumped, they may need to be reset.

Have The Seals Replaced

If you have an older model refrigerator, you may need to have the seals replaced. While they are designed to last for several years, they can eventually start to wear out creating a poor seal and excessive energy loss. Seals will often start to show signs of wear before they actually need to be replaced. They can become brittle, discolored and may start to crack at the seams. If you notice a drastic temperature change in your fridge or signs of wear in your rubber seals, call the professional staff of SubZero Experts LA. They can replace your seals and check to make sure that your fridge is running at maximum efficiency.

A drastic drop in your refrigerator’s temperature can be something as simple as a bad seal or a dish that doesn’t fit quite right. If you’ve tried everything you know to fix the problem yourself and your fridge won’t hold temperature, it’s time to call in us. Our repair techs can evaluate and identify the problem. In most cases, they will have everything to make the necessary repairs on hand. If not and a part has to be ordered, we will take care of it as quickly as possible. Don’t take chances and risk the loss of your family’s food. As soon as you notice a problem, call us and have the problem taken care of immediately.